December 2005

Dear Friends and Family,

It's been a very eventful year.  With all that I've done, I kept thinking how easy it would be to write my Annual Holiday Letter.  So much to tell you about!

But then I realized that if I actually wrote a letter that tells about what I've done all year, it would just be a generic holiday letter, the kind that regular people write.  (No offense to any of you regular people.)  And I just couldn't do that. Especially because this is, yes, it's true, my Tenth Annual Holiday Letter!  It hardly seems possible, does it?

Okay, so the pressure is on.  What can I do this year to make my Annual holiday letter worthy of the tradition to which it belongs, while still sharing all my news and updating you on my activities of the past year?  What is the appropriate theme?  How do I keep it from becoming a boring chronicle of "First this happened, and then this happened..."?

Well, I thought I'd try something different this year.  I'm going to let you pick the theme, and I'm going to make this an interactive experience.

Are you ready?  Then pick your theme, and click "Go!"