Itís December, 2002, hard to believe itís already time for another holiday letter.

Coming up with a new theme each year is really hard.
Of course, I could just list all my activities of the past year.
Usually, the letters I get from friends this time of year are full of interesting news.
Lane, however, has always attempted to do something original and fun with his holiday letter.
Dagnab it, though, this year Iíve drawn a blank.
Nevertheless, it wouldnít be the holidays if I didnít attempt some kind of letter.
'tis the season, and allÖ
Thus, I present you with this, my Seventh Annual Holiday Letter, with no theme whatsoever.

Certainly, the highlights of my year were the opportunities I had to see some old friends and family
October wasnít when that happened.
May, however, and into early June, my sister Brooke and her husband Pete came to Seattle.
Except that their visit was short, and they spent much of it traveling around western Washington, it was lovely having them here.

Under the bright, sunny skies of July, my friend Nancy came from Illinois, and we enjoyed many wonderful activities during her visit.
Particularly, we took a drive to Leavenworth, where we went white-water rafting on the Wenatchee River.

We also went to Mt. Saint Helens, which I had never seen before, and Port Townsend, which Iíve been to before but which is always fun.
In early September, over Labor Day weekend, I went to L.A. and stayed with my friend Alan from high school.
There was also time during my visit to see my friend Louise from college days in Syracuse.
Her husband, Joe, and she took me to the Getty Museum, where we also hooked up with Jeff, another friend from college, and his family.

Although it was really hot, I had a great time visiting Laguna Beach and Hollywood, and just spending time with my old friends. 

Then, just after I got back from L.A., my friends Kevin and Linda, former Illinoisans and former Seattlites, came to visit from Atlanta.
Hiking with them in the mountains was a lot of fun, as was playing Trivia at Murphy's Pub (though, smart as we three are, we lost).
Every year I try to visit my family for Thanksgiving, and this year was no exception.
My mom and her husband Milton picked me up at Newark Airport and we went to my sister Troy and her husband Johnís house.
Early the next day we went into New York City and saw the Broadway play 'Proof.'

From NYC to AC: Atlantic City was the next destination on my trip east.
Of course, Mr. Trump and his cohorts profited nicely from my visit, but I did have fun.
Really, I did.

Thanksgiving Day was spent with all sorts of family members at my Aunt Anne and Uncle Tedís in Demarest, NJ.
Having time to spend with my cousins, Gail, Barbara, and Laura, and the kids (Dana, Jamie, Jake, Max, and Adam) is such a treat.
I canít believe how fast those kids are growing up.
Sometimes I wish I didnít live so far away.

You are probably noticing that so far, I havenít talked about anything except my visits to and from friends and family.
Except for that, not a whole lot happened this year.
At work, things are fine, and I'm enrolled in an Internet Programming Certificate Program at UW, which should help me advance my career.
Rose turned 10 this year and she is doing great.
'Woof,' she says, which is her word for 'Happy Holidays.'
Seriously, itís her word for everything.

Lord, if only
I could
Yearly holiday


Showing some clever idea for a theme, but I guess I just lack the creativity.
Oh well.  Here are some photos from the last year.
Rose and I wish you all the best for a great holiday season (inclusive of all traditions).
Rite or phone and tell me what's up with you: Iím still at 736 North 83rd Street, Seattle, WA 98103;, 206.706.4642.
Yours truly,