<title>2004 Holiday Letter</title>

<p>December 2004</p>

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<p>It is time for <letter occasion="holiday" periodicity="annual" number="ninth">this thing you're reading</letter>. I'm writing it at work, and since I work as a web developer, I'm doing it to look like work, so if my <hair style="pointy">boss</hair> happens to come by and see it, he won't think I'm slacking off.</p>

<p><sarcasm>It's been a <eyes action="rolling">really</eyes> great year.</sarcasm> So much so that I am considering moving to Canada, or New Zealand. I volunteered some for the Kerry campaign, going door to door trying to get out the vote. At least it worked here in Washington.</p>

<p>I cannot understand how reasonable people might vote to reelect as the <term use="loosely">leader</term> of our country a <term use="loosely">man</term> who has consistently lied to us about things that really matter. <lie color="white">But if you voted for Bush, I forgive you.</lie></p>

<p class="disgusted">Enough politics.</p>

<p>Let me think of what else I should tell you about the year that has just ended.</p>

<div id="boring_stuff">

<p><activity type="musical">I sang with The Cascadian Chorale earlier this year, but I quit after the final concert last spring, and I haven't been doing any musical activities since then. Except I played piano for my friend Nancy's wedding in October. People ask me if I miss singing, and I honestly have to answer, "No."</activity></p>

<p><activity type="writing">Also last spring I completed the Literary Fiction Writer's Program at the University of Washington. I had set a goal of publishing my first story by the end of this year, but that has not happened because I keep postponing submission to allow myself ongoing opportunities to revise. I have a few pieces that are close, but I've started working on a novel, so one of these days I'll take a break from that to complete a story and send it off. I've joined a writing group made up of classmates from the Writer's Program, and that's helping me keep motivated.</activity></p>

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<p>Sorry, my <hair style="pointy">boss</hair> just came by so I had to throw in something that would make it look like I'm working. This year, my team at work completed a major rearchitecting of the Premera Blue Cross web site, using Microsoft's ASP.NET technology. I've learned a lot of new skills and I'm <sincerity>really</sincerity> enjoying it.</p>

<p><activity type="travel">I didn't do much traveling this year, especially compared with last year, when I made it to <destination purpose="vacation">Alaska</destination>, <destination purpose="work_related_training">Dallas</destination>, <destination purpose="high_school_reunion">New York</destination>, and <destination purpose="bridge_tournament">Reno</destination>. My only travel this year consisted of two trips to <destination purpose="family_visits">New Jersey</destination>, in March for <relation type="cousin" degree="first" class="once_removed">Dana</relation>'s Bat Mitzvah, and in November for Thanksgiving. I did get into New York City the week before Thanksgiving with <relation type="mother">Mom</relation>, <relation type="husband" whose="mother">Milton</relation>, <relation type="sister" degree="older">Troy</relation>, and <relation type="brother" class="in_law">John</relation>, where we enjoyed some good meals and saw <show locale="Broadway">Mamma Mia!</show>.</activity></p>

<p><activity type="visitors">Mom and Milton also visited me in Seattle in early September. We took a few excursions while they were here: <destination purpose="sightseeing">Orcas Island</destination> and <destination purpose="sightseeing">The Olympic Peninsula</destination>, and otherwise just enjoyed dining out and seeing friends.</activity></p>

<p><activity type="misc">Otherwise, I played lots of bridge, and I'm closing in on becoming a <points needed="300" have="260">Life Master</points>. I continue to enjoy life in <destination purpose="I_live_here">Seattle</destination>, and it's been great reconnecting with <relation type="friends">Kevin and Linda</relation>, who are largely responsible for my having moved here back in 1998, and then moved away, but have now returned. I am still a member of the Barcelona Boys Investment Club, and I still have <relation type="pet" subtype="dog">Rose</relation>, who is twelve and going strong.</activity></p>

<p><situation type="health">I'm doing fine, but have been suffering from fatigue recently, and decided to get checked out. I went in for a sleep study, and I'll find out in a few weeks if I have sleep apnea. If so, I may have surgery sometime after the New Year. I'll keep you posted.</situation></p>


<p class="wrap-up">Well I guess I'll wrap up now. Thanks for reading. Stay in touch, <greeting type="politically_correct">have a great time in December no matter what you celebrate</greeting>, and I hope your 2005 brings all good things.</p>

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