Holiday Letter 2011

Holiday letter: once again I fail to come up with an idea. This makes sixteen years I have been trying hard to be original. But I’m at a loss for a remarkable theme. Guess I’ll just wing it.

What shall I tell you about the year behind us? Not a lot to share.

Highlight #1: My Hawaiian vacation with my friend Margot. In February we spent a week in the sun. Well, it rained some too. My pictures are here, also here, here, here, and here. I think they came out well.

Highlight #2: My big project at work (POP) launched without a hitch. I led the effort to rebuild our intranet. And we succeeded.

Highlight #3: Thanksgiving with family meant so much this year. Time spent with cousins and a wonderful dinner in Wayne, New Jersey. [NOTE: my cousin Gail, who hosted our family's Thanksgiving dinner has just informed me that they reside in Warren not in Wayne, NJ.] And then, on Friday, my mom's 80th birthday. Great celebration. Day in NYC and Hugh Jackman’s Broadway show. Extraordinary!

I played lots of bridge and became Bronze Life Master. I am very proud. The NABC came to Seattle this fall. Many masterpoints.

I had a visit: my dear friend Linda who lives in Costa Rica. A short business trip brought Linda to Seattle. Wish we'd had more time. But we did enjoy the time we had to visit. Old friends are the best!

Other special things: Herbfarm for Margot’s birthday, Fabulous dinner! And this was precious: Holding a day old baby, so sweet, in my arms. You can find pictures of these things and some others: Google web albums.

I almost forgot to tell you about something: I had surgery. In January a hemorrhoidectomy. Snip, snip: all better!

Now I am planning my big vacation next year. Denmark and Sweden. Plus Estonia, Finland, and Iceland as well. Three weeks, May and June.

Have you figured out that there’s a hidden theme here? Or have I fooled you? If you cannot tell, keep reading until you can find the secret theme. Tell me what it is, and I will add your name to the Wall of Honor. If you need a hint, click the button up there at the top of the page.

I hope you have had and will continue to have a wonderful year. And your holidays are filled with much happiness. Plus good food and drink. And the year ahead brings you all manner of joy and a world of peace.

The Wall of Honor

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Troy Aker
Mark Edgbert
Jason Brittsan

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