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Pandemic Diary I

On the surface, it's life as usual here in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. People are out and about, businesses and restaurants are open, and it seems the virus has not yet arrived here.

But people are anxious. Things are going to start changing here quickly, I expect.


I'm trying to be prepared. I've stocked up on some critical supplies, though I'm not overdoing it with 24-packs of toilet paper and cases of wipes. I have food and water and flu medicine and ibuprofen to help with symptoms if I get sick.

Things are a little complicated because I'm scheduled to start my kitchen remodel a week from tomorrow. It's supposed to take two weeks. So what happens if, at the end of week one, my old kitchen is gone, my new kitchen is ready to be installed, and the sky falls. Then I have no kitchen at all. And then if I get sick, it'll be tough to manage. I'll have a refrigerator and microwave, but no sink or running water, and no stove. And how long might I have to live like that before they can come back and finish the work?

I'm being diligent about hand washing. I think hand sanitizers are probably not of much use, so I don't use them, preferring to wash more frequently. I have wiped down my phone a couple of times with rubbing alcohol, and I've wiped down the steering wheel and other surfaces in my car with a chlorine solution. I'm keeping my distance as much as I can, but I'm not completely isolating myself. I went out for breakfast this morning. I want to keep supporting local businesses, because they will be very hard hit. But I'm sticking with restaurants that have open-air seating and that aren't too crowded. I just got back from dinner across the street at my favorite Cuban/Caribbean place, and I was the only person eating there. Ana, the owner and a good friend, told me that it's going to be tough. 

The Bridge Club

is still open. So far we haven't seen any decline in the number of players. But I am wondering whether things will start to drop off this week. I'm the Club Manager, which means I'm largely responsible for the day-to-day operations of the club. Two of our five directors aren't planning on coming to play or direct until after the crisis has passed. I have decided to give it one more week, and then I will stop playing and directing as well. And I think the Management Committee is leaning toward suspending operations at the end of the coming week. But we will see. This is a very fast-changing situation.

Several expat bridge players have already left or are getting ready to leave earlier than originally planned. They are eager to get back to the US or Canada before borders are closed.

We have a renowned bridge expert here this month, and she is giving two classes this week. Over 80 people have bought tickets to each of them. That's significantly more people in the club than we normally have for a game. And we're assuming most will stay to play in the afternoon.

And on Wednesday we are having a "Farewell Snowbirds" party at a local restaurant. I'm not sure how many snowbirds will be left.

Some cancellations

have begun. A regular Sunday morning lecture series has been canceled. Some local theatre and music organizations have canceled performances. I saw a Facebook post from a local nightspot that is shutting down except for order-ahead take-out with curbside pick-up. I'm sure there will be more.

But for now, life is mostly going on here in Ajijic. I do a regular morning walk on the malecon, and this morning there were several groups of kids playing basketball, an activity that doesn't seem safe. 

Several members of my trivia team have decided they won't be back to play trivia until... when? Do we have any idea? I won't be surprised if trivia itself is canceled soon.

And meanwhile,

back in the USA, I am staying in touch with friends and trying not to worry too much. In Seattle and New York, where there are so many cases, I have a lot of friends and family. I don't know anyone who is sick yet, but I suppose it is just a matter of time. And who knows, when this is over, if the world will ever be the same.

Today's Stats from Johns Hopkins

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