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Pandemic Diary II

Life still seems to be going on here in Ajijic, although there have been many changes.

A lot of restaurants have implemented carry-out, delivery, and online ordering. Some have closed except for these services. And everything group-oriented has been canceled.

My bridge club, however, remains open at least through tomorrow, against my better judgment. But I am not playing or attending the dinner scheduled for tonight or the class scheduled for tomorrow.

And most businesses are operating as usual.

Except I went to the bank today, and it was closed. I'm not sure why. The ATMs were operating, but limiting withdrawals to $6000 pesos, which they delivered all in $200 peso bills. (Usually the limit is $7000, and it's mostly delivered in $500 peso bills.)

I'm watching Toy Boy on Netflix. It's a decent murder/suspense series from Spain with some nice eye candy.

And I'm reading Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver, and taking daily walks on the malecon.

This weekend I will be emptying out my kitchen so the remodel work can begin on Monday. I'm sure that will keep me busy. And the reason I went to the bank is that I'll need to pay the balance on the remodel. So I guess I will keep going back until I have enough.

In fact, I don't get bored too easily, or maybe it's that I don't mind boredom too much.

There are still no known cases of COVID-19 in the Lake Chapala area. A part of me wishes I would get it sooner and get over it sooner. Because I am pretty clear there's no way to avoid getting it eventually.

It seems from a lot of what I read and hear, people think social distancing or self-quarantining will keep them safe from getting infected. I believe that's incorrect. I think pretty much all of us will get infected at some point. The reason for social distancing is to slow the spread so the number of ill people doesn't overwhelm the healthcare system. And so it's not critical or necessary, or even a good idea, to avoid all human contact. The key is to reduce behaviors that will make it easy for this virus to spread rapidly across our communities.

And I keep hearing that there are some people who think we're overreacting. But my favorite quote, which I now can't find and so can only paraphrase, said

We may never know if we overreacted, but it will be very apparent if we under-reacted.
I know if this turns out to be less severe that is feared, people will say we overreacted. It will never occur to some folks that the "overreaction" is what made it less severe.

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  1. I hope you are wrong about everyone eventually getting the virus. I really believe that if I get it I will likely die. Being old (75 now) and on blood thinners and a compromised lung, I don't give myself too much of a shot.


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